On Demand 3d Printing Fabrication Lab

Harp Concepts LLC On Demand 3D Tech Service

Harp Concepts is a on demand 3D printing fabrication lab geared towards providing affordable manufacturing for aspiring entrepreneurs.

What can you expect from us?

  • Fast Production
  • High Quality
  • A variety of material options
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Knowledgeable team
  • Responsive support

How can we improve your experience with us?

3D Printed Custom Memorial Dragon Urn

Each part is inspected by hand for high detail and surface quality. Hand sanded to smooth and polish any rough surfaces. Custom packaged to ensure a unique presentation for each 3D print result.

Have any suggestions for improving your 3D printing experience? We would love to hear them at idea@harpconcepts.work

We are a 3d print Fabrication Lab for custom game pieces. Create unique experiences with us.

Try our print calculator to see how much it will cost.

Engeering for future projects

We allow aspiring designers and low budget engineering firms to make their concept designs. Our low prices result in costs a fraction of larger firms.

Let our 3D Print Fabrication Lab help you get your product funding. We want to help new concepts for the future establish themsevles.

Contact us today about material options, or check out our Forms’ Library for more information


A 20% wax-filled photopolymer for reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burnout, Castable Wax Resin accurately captures intricate features and offers the smooth surfaces stereolithography 3D printing is known for. Printed parts are suitable for custom try-ons and direct investment casting. Supports print resolutions: 50 and 25 microns. No post-curing required.

Castable resins allow any jewelry designerS to mass produce complex designs.

Quickly and easy, for excellent results.

Harp Concepts 3D Fabrication Lab quickly scales up your jewelry business.

3D printing is an excellent solution for small business owners.

Looking for inspiration or a source for your On Demand 3D printing needs? Try any of the following for inspiration

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CGTrader has tons of 3D printing models ready to go.

Just upload and let the printer take care of everything.

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Kingdom Death RPG Game
Kingdom Death’s world is immensely deep and brutally challenging. It will captivate the imagination and stoke the fires of obsession.

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Deskptop Hero 3D Online Character Creator
Want a quick way to make your own game pieces or heroes? Desktop Hero 3D has tons of options for body styles, positions and more to 3d print.

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Want to try other materials?

Work with us to develop your new material, as a result you’ll be ahead of competitors.

Thus, help lead the manufacturing field into the future.