How to Get Started

Welcome to the exciting world of 3D printing! Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your project started with us. If you want to learn more details about how 3D printing works, scroll down or click here.

Find a 3D Model

Find a 3D model you want to print or contact us to make one for you. 3D printing begins with a file that contains a 3-dimensional model which we can send to our printers. There are many websites offering free or paid 3-dimensional models of almost anything you can think of. Our partners at, for example, have a customizer where you can create your own miniature character or creature. Other websites like,, and more offer pre-made models. If you get stuck, please contact us and we can help you out or create a custom model for you.
Create a Model

Choose a Material

Choose the material you want us to use in your model. We have tons to choose from but certain materials are best for specific purposes. For detailed figurines we recommend our High Definition Grey modeling resin. For functional mechanical pieces or prototype parts we recommend either our Onyx tough resin or our High-Temperature resist resin. Check out our resin guide for more options and a full list of our available materials.
Resin Guide

Upload Your Model

Upload your Model to our 3D print analyzer, select your resin and add it to your cart. If you have trouble using our system, just email us your files, let us know what resin you want and we’ll send you a quote! Make sure your model is the correct size before uploading it, or let us know the right dimensions so we can send you an accurate quote. Our pricing depends on the size of the model and the type of resin as each one is different.
3D Print Analyzer
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